Kedar LTD

About the Kedar LTD

Kedar provides care and nursing services to the elderly population. Kedar is licensed by the National Insurance Institute, within the framework of the Nursing Insurance Law and the Ministry of Labor and Welfare, and is recognized as a company that provides a variety of solutions that help improve the quality of life of the elderly.


Kedar, which has been operating in the field of care and nursing for about 30 years, provides the elderly and their families with professional and quality human capital, which provides a personal, supportive and accompanying attitude all the way to finding the perfect solution.


Our team consists of social workers, nursing caregivers, regional coordinators and administration. As part of their work, all staff members undergo professional training and ongoing training, which allows for an adapted response to the unique needs of the elderly. This response includes nursing care, supervision, accompanying the elderly, cleaning, providing information about existing services, counseling and guidance in times of crisis and more.


Kedar provides services to all holders of employment permits for foreign workers (recipients of survivors' pensions, and for those who do not receive social security, young children, recipients of high-income pensions)

Kedar take care of you

We in the relationship understand the changing needs of you and your family members, so our professionals will make sure to put together a treatment plan tailored to personal needs and physical and mental functioning.

Counseling and guidance
The elderly and their families are invited to meet with the administrative staff and social workers, to receive advice and guidance on the eligibility available to them under the Nursing Care Act. We will make sure to serve as liaisons with the relevant bodies (Social Security, Holocaust Survivors' Fund, community services) so that you can be calm and receive what you are entitled to by law.

How is Kedar different from the other companies?

All you need

All services for the elderly under one roof

Together with you

Personal and dedicated care of our caregivers will provide assistance in bathing, dressing and maintaining hygiene

You're not alone

Go for a walk or entertain a friend at home. Our therapists are there all the way.

We take care of you

Our caregivers will take care of the household and its cleanliness, take care of the laundry and cook.

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